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Gay Lea Foods

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08 December 2022

Achieving New Levels of Capability and Mobility with Paperless Forms

Gay Lea Foods Co-operative Ltd is a leading Canadian co-operative renowned for its community-focused values and high quality, innovative dairy and food products.

With members on roughly 1,400 dairy farms across Ontario and Manitoba, Gay Lea Foods farmers, shareholders and employees have proudly collaborated for more than 60 years to Enrich communities co-operatively by working together to ensure their culture, products and capabilities enhance the well-being of their members, customers, and employees.

datahex is a key enabler and true partner. They listened to our needs and worked with us to evolve and improve the solution to answer our specificities.
– Director of Quality Control, Gay Lea Foods


When Gay Lea Foods approached datahex, the Quality Control department was looking for a simple solution to implement across its multiple Canadian sites to:

  • Reduce the reliance on paper
  • Provide easy access to information 
  • Standardize and organize documents


Paperless Forms from datahex was the perfect solution for Gay Lea Foods’ needs.


Success at the implementation phase:

  • The fear of a complex and robust implementation process was eliminated with the simplicity of the solution.
  • User onboarding was smooth and straight forward, as many employees were already familiar with the Microsoft Office suite.
  • On-site employees enjoyed using tablets, which quickly became part of the routine.

Productivity gains have been immense:

  • Implementation of Paperless Forms before the pandemic allowed for easy access to information from remote locations and prevented critical disruptions to operations.
  • Standardized forms have led to consistent data collection, saved time, and avoided errors.
  • Ease of use and employee uptake have helped multiple sites go 100% paperless!

Gay Lea Foods turned to Paperless Forms, a mobile solution that integrates seamlessly with their existing business management software and makes it easy to standardize the way they create, access, and share documents across their organization.

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