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Efficiently manage suppliers.


Reliable Solution.
Centralized and Secured Documents.

Supplyline, powered by datahex, is a web-based supplier management application that streamlines how you manage their documentation and enables you to make relevant decisions on whether to approve them.

There’s no installation required at your company or your suppliers.


Supplyline is the complete and simple solution for companies to manage their suppliers' documents in a reliable, centralized, and secure way:

  • user-centered interface and intuitive workflows,
  • listing of all suppliers and their data, plus their inputs,
  • documents requests are generated and received in a centralized database,
  • automated supplier reminder system to update documentation.


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Gain in

  • All your relevant documents are in one place, and you can get real-time updates from your suppliers.

  • You and your team will save time as you eliminate wasted efforts researching and making changes to old documents.
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Gain in

  • You'll gain visibility into the quality of suppliers and their future performance.

  • You will be able to spot any red flags early on.
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Your suppliers
also gain

  • With a secured link to the web portal, collaboration with your suppliers is more straightforward and safer.

  • With a few clicks and from any computer, your suppliers can view your requests and share documents with you.  

What are our clients saying?

“I am delighted with the work you have done. I am particularly satisfied with the simplicity and effectiveness of the HACCP / GFSI software. Thank you for your high quality work. Just congratulations to the whole team! ''

— Agromex

“I appreciate the simplicity, flexibility and rigor of the MyHaccpPlan software. It is a valuable aid in the management of the HACCP system, especially in the case of a small team. ''

— Aliments Masone

“I am impressed by the quality of your service and I would not hesitate to suggest you to any company that wishes to implement the HACCP and SQF system in paper or computer format. High quality personalized service, excellent work! ''

— Aliments Original

Logo Plaisirs Gastronomiques

“I would like to sincerely thank you for the exemplary collaboration that I obtained from your team in the implementation of our HACCP / GFSI (SQF) system. I greatly appreciated your efficiency at all levels! I would not hesitate to use your services again. ''

— Plaisirs Gastronomiques

“ Since using MyHaccpPlan, the way to manage our HACCP / GFSI system has been greatly simplified. The HACCP / GFSI software is very practical and very effective. I save a lot of time which allows me to perform other tasks in my business. ''

— Poulets Riverview


“Having datahex by our side gives us the opportunity to be professionally represented to our customers and to have a quality service, always on the lookout for new HACCP / GFSI standards while keeping our operating budget. ''

— Exceldor

Logo Aliments Mello

“The technical support provided by datahex has enabled the company to maintain the high HACCP / GFSI quality standards that our customers are looking for. The work carried out by the Datahex team is undoubtedly an asset and a definite advantage for the food industry. Thank you for your excellence and professionalism. ''

— Aliments Mello

Logo Viandes de la petite Nation

“We are completely satisfied with your efficient and professional HACCP / GFSI management services which allow us to maintain our HACCP / GFSI system in compliance with PASA requirements. ''

— Viandes de la petite Nation

Premiere Moisson

“I wanted to tell you about our audit success this year. This result, in large part, is the result of your good advice and consulting support. ''

— Première Moisson

With Supplyline,
managing suppliers just got easier !

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