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Mondoux Confectionery

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08 December 2022

Innovating and reaching a level of quality beyond delicious sweets

Mondoux Confectionery is a leading Canadian packager and distributor of premium candies and chocolates. Since 1967, it has been committed to creating and distributing moments of joy with sweet classics.

Today, Mondoux Confectionery is:

  • More than 200 employees
  • Over 20,000 retail outlets in Canada
  • Over 3,000 internationally renowned products
  • A complete line of exclusive products (Sweet Sixteen, Sweet Fun, Yummies, Yoma, Giacomo) and a wide variety of internationally known confectionery brands

We have been working with datahex for a few years, and I can proudly say it's always a pleasure to work with them. They are experts who take the time to understand your needs and genuinely help you. They respond well and quickly, and everything is simple and efficient. The development team continues to innovate, and we can benefit from continuous improvements.”
- Quality Assurance Manager,
Mondoux Confectionery


Mondoux Confectionery is dedicated to providing the highest quality products to its customers. With the production and distribution of confectionery, there are many documents to produce and verify. It was as important for the company to find the best sustainable solution to: 

  • Innovate the way things are done,
  • Manage the risk of errors and correct them quickly,
  • Efficiently follow up on documents, and
  • Contribute to the environment by reducing paper consumption.


In addition, Mondoux Confectionery regularly uses datahex consulting services:

  • Conducting an annual internal audit
  • Support for SQF certification (GFSI)
  • Continuous training plan in food safety
  • Implementation of HACCP certification on an ad hoc basis


Working with datahex consulting services has been a seamless experience for Mondoux Confectionery: 

  • Access to food safety expertise;
  • Get quick answers to complex questions;
  • Step-by-step support at crucial times; 
  • A team that knows the industry well, takes the time to get to know the company and evolves with it. 

The great experience with the consulting services was a good omen for a smooth implementation of Paperless Forms:

  • datahex team provided lots of training and coaching on how to use the system
  • It is easy to reach the team by email and phone, and their responses are fast.
  • Employees have been receptive to the changes quickly because of the simplicity of the technology - no need to enter the same information all the time and less chance for errors or re-entering.

The benefits are undeniable:

  • Forms are logged consistently because of the simplicity of the system; 
  • There is less stress about missing records; 
  • Non-compliant items can be reported with a photo attached; 
  • Audits are easier and faster; 
  • Paperwork is no longer stressful; 
  • Efficiency increases!

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