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Concord Premium Meats

Managing growth challenges and improving performance is possible!

Concord Premium Meats Ltd. manufactures branded and customized protein solutions for retailers and food service customers across Canada and United States. Its proprietary brands include MarcAngelo, Skoulakis, Central Park Deli, Black River Angus, and Connie's Kitchen.

  • More than 900 employees in Canada
  • 4 transformation plants (1 in Quebec and 3 in Ontario)
  • Part of the Premium Brand Holdings Corporation family of companies

At our company, we are very conscious of food safety, so we wanted to work with a knowledgeable partner. When we started our search, datahex stood out as the best option. The team has been extremely helpful in getting us started using their services and technologies, and always being available to help when needed—a true partner in our growth.
- Quality Assurance Director,
Concord Premium Meats


The relationship between Concord Premium Meats and datahex has been flourishing since 2011. This partnership has met several targets: 

  • A significant client required Safe Quality Food (SQF) certification,
  • Business growth brings its own set of challenges, including increasing quality assurance needs coupled with a shortage of workforce, and
  • Paper usage is increasing, and document management is becoming more complex. 


Working collaboratively with Concord Premium Meats' Quality Assurance team, datahex has built a strong relationship focused on results and continuous communication. With the help of datahex, Concord Premium Meats is benefiting from many customized, turnkey products and services. These include:

  1. The use of consulting services, which provide industry-best standards and best practices to:
  • Guide through a successful SQF certification process
  • Benefit from regular updates to the HACCP program
  • Training for the team 
  1. The Concord Premium Meats has adopted MyHaccpPlan software to: 
  • Accelerate HACCP plan development,
  • Ensure that the HACCP plan updates are done in an efficient and timely manner, 
  • Re-evaluate regularly the plans, and 
  • Produce the final plan reports to be handed to the Quality Assurance Manager.
  1. The implementation success of Paperless Forms:
  • datahex team has worked directly with Concord Premium Meats’ IT team and HACCP Coordinator to overcome some technical challenges.
  • datahex team has adapted the paper control sheets to integrate into Paperless.
  • Support is ongoing, including a quick chat system, even after implementation. 
  • It is much easier and faster to search for and consult information daily.
  • datahex redesigned the control sheets to extract the necessary raw data and suggested using Power BI to obtain performance indicators and analyze trends.
  1. Early next year, Concord Premium Meats will finalize the implementation of Supplyline, a software system that will allow them to manage all supplier documentation in a single place. 
  • The new solution will streamline document management and make key information readily available. In addition, it will save a lot of time because all requests for documents that are due will be done automatically via Supplyline.

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